User Help

Sign Up:

1. Click on the “New User” link.

2.  Fill out the form.  Pick a username and password.  Both are case sensitive and the password must be at least 4 characters.  Enter your name and email address.  Also enter the call letters of your radio station.

3.  Click “Submit Registration”

4.   You will receive a confirmation email (to the address you entered in the form).  Put this is a safe place.  

Your account will be set up for use immediately.  If you have any problems send an email to or call (800)346-9467 during normal business hours.

Note: Please do not bookmark the login page using your browser's "Add Favorites" function.  This will prevent your login from working. Instead, click here to bookmark the login page.

"On Demand" feeds are sent as news material is produced (Monday-Friday). 

The "Billboards & Audio" (FRN) section presents a list of audio cuts with brief descriptions. Just click the audio link to play or right-click and choose "Save target As" to download. The behavior of left-clicking an audio cut depends entirely on how your browser is set up and what audio playback programs are installed on your computer.  Please review your Internet Explorer help file for more information.

Sorry, browsers other than Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5+ are not guaranteed to work 100%.

Our "Rip-n-Read" (TRN, KNN, coming soon on FRN) section presents prewritten newscasts and news stories ready for you to print, download the cut, and use on the air. Click on the headline link to bring the newscast or story up in a separate window. Click the "Print Page" link in the window to print the copy. Again, simply right-click the audio link and choose "Save Target As".

Common Login Problems:

The most common login problem reported to us is rectified by performing the following steps (exactly):

1. Close your browser
2. Reopen your browser
3. Type in the address bar (don't use a bookmark -type!) "" and click "go".
4. Enter your username and password.  Remember they are case sensitive.

If this resolves the problem, then you were probably attempting to use a faulty  bookmark to access the login page on the earlier attempts.  Using the Favorites | Add to Favorites option in Internet Explorer WILL NOT WORK.  If you need a bookmark you can either:

1) Add a bookmark manually. (Favorites | Add to Favorites, navigate to the automatically created bookmark, right-click, choose "properties". Delete the contents of the "URL" field and then type , click "Apply", "OK")

2)Bookmark our homepage at and enter the OnDemand site that way.
3)Click here to add the bookmark.

If this still doesn't work, click on the "forgot password" link and enter your email address.  If it's the email address you signed up with, your login information will be sent to you.

If this still doesn't work, do the following in Internet Explorer:

1. Go to Tools | Internet Options, "General" tab.  Click "Delete Cookies" then "Delete Files", then "apply", then "OK". 
2.Click the "Advanced" tab. Click the "Restore Defaults" button, "apply", "OK".  Close the browser.
3. Reopen the browser and try logging in again.

If you're still having problems please email or call us at (800)346-9467 during normal business hours.